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The New York Self-Determination Coalition is an ad hoc group of parents and professionals dedicated to promoting self-determination as an option for persons with developmental disabilities who require support through New York State’s OPWDD HCBS Waiver program.

Long Island CSS & Friends is run by Donna Irving who has a 12 year old child with Autism and Developmental disabilities, whom receives services through Self Direction formerly known as Consolidated Support Services. Donna quickly realized that there was very little connection with other participants or families receiving services through OPWDD. So, she formed Long Island CSS & Friends so that people could connect as well as learn about upcoming events.  

​The Long Island Advocacy Center, Inc. (THE LIAC) is a private non-for-profit agency dedicated to protecting the legal rights of students and individuals with disabilities

Parent to Parent of NYS, which began in 1994, is a statewide not for profit organization established to support and connect families of individuals with special needs. The 13 offices, located throughout NYS, are staffed by Regional Coordinators, who are parents or close relatives of individuals with special needs. 

The Northport Buddy Club, Inc. is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a friendly and safe environment for young adults with special needs where they can make friends, be themselves, and explore the community. Our club is best known for offering a variety of fun activities - both within the local community and around the Island. 

Brittany's Baskets of Hope, Inc. is dedicated to bringing information, support and guidance to families who have recently given birth to a baby with Down Syndrome.

The Return Every Adult and Child Home (REACH) registry is a law enforcement-maintained database of children and adults with cognitive disorders that make them more likely to become a missing person and that potentially limit their ability to communicate. Call 516 573-5782 to register.

This program enables parents, guardians, relatives or other caregivers to register information surrounding persons with special needs in the Police Department’s database. The intention of this program is to have this information furnished to police officers who may be responding to an emergency situation involving that person so that they can better care for the person’s needs.  

Helping Autism Through Learning and Outreach is a non-profit organization supported by parents and professionals nationwide who are dedicated to the use of Soma® Mukhopadhyay's Rapid Prompting Method for improving academic success and communication for persons with autism and similar disorders.

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